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The Sophisticated Man offers a wide variety of dress suits, shirts and accessories.


    Gray Black with Gold.








David X


David X, an exceptional new men’s footwear collection born out of a collaboration between two people who share a passion for exotic leather: Alex Trachter and David Edenburg. At every stage – from its inception with creative designs to the pursuit of the finest production components – our team has traveled the world to offer a premium exotic product at an incomparable value. Our pledge to you is to do our best to maintain the highest standards of customer service, raw materials and craftsmanship in order to earn your loyalty.



Imported directly from Spain, world-class manufacturers expertly craft fine footwear, belts, and hosiery. Mezlan's timeless treasures unite classic designs and modern manufacturing techniques to produce a fusion of European inspired construction and superior comfort. The clever combination of hand finished materials and masterful design result in absolutely gorgeous footwear. As a self-indulgent reward or a generous gift for a loved one, Mezlan delivers unrivaled quality.